Thursday, 30 May 2013

Siapa saya?

I am Chemical Engineer by profession but I love art. I love to draw something. I love to see simple, clean and memorable logo and tagline. I am very fascinating with creative advertisement. Thus, I like branding. For many year I love reading book, magazine, news paper, googling, facebooking, youtubing about branding. I started to write about what I think and feel about branding. I help many of entrepreneur to create and position their brand. Help them to get brand name, give lots of ideas of creating the brand tagline. Some of them pay me to do branding.

I read more and more about branding. Met many powerful branding owner and branding creator. I have been invited to give talk about business and branding. I am branding expert.

I have created to help and share my expertise in branding. Soon to be will be boom in Malaysia and wordwide. I want to help more people building their brand to reach country and international level. InsyaAllah Taa'la.

Rosmi Zamzuri

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